Pump Systems for Topical Application

Horizontal Pump for Topical Application

Horizontal pumps manufactured by Aero Pump for topical applications feature a wide range of dosing options, offering reliable, precise dosages for both large-area and selective application.

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Product Details

  • Consistent accurate dose
  • Fast priming and repriming
  • Integrated backflow block to prevent contamination
  • Suitable for both OTC and prescription medications
  • For liquid and viscous contents
  • Anatomic design, easy to use
  • UpSideDown option possible
  • DMF available

Aero Pump's horizontal pumps are suitable for dispensing liquids and viscous product in a controlled manner. These topical pumps are produced in clean-room conditions according to ISO CLASS 7 and are suitable for pharmaceutical products.

Available dose sizes: 45, 80, 100, 130, 150, 180, 300 mg

Individual doses available from 45 mg to 300 mg

Further Processing

  • For screw on, snap-on and crimp on applications
  • Suitable for use with plastic bottles and glass vials
  • Compatible with conventional filling plants

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