INDEN Vet Pack PET Serum Vials

Vet Pack PET Crimp Neck Vials

PET Vials with 20mm and 32mm crimp neck finishes

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Product Details

  • Manufactured from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
  • Manufactured in ISO 8 clean room conditions
  • 20mm and 32mm crimp neck finishes
  • E-beam and Gamma sterilisation available
  • Suitable for veterinary parenteral applications
50ml Vet Pack PET vial by INDEN Pharma
Description Volume (ml) Neck Finish Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
10ml Vet Pack Vial10 20mm Crimp Neck 2443.2
20ml Vet Pack Vial 20 20mm Crimp Neck 27
50ml Vet Pack Vial50 20mm Crimp Neck 38.173.6
100ml Vet Pack Vial100 20mm Crimp Neck 46.293.4
250ml Vet Pack Vial 250 32mm Crimp Neck 62.5 125.9

Dimensions in "mm" for reference purposes only. Capacities nominal

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