Which Glass Type is Best for My Project?

Glass is designated as a particular Type if it complies with the requirements of a particular pharmacopoeia, e.g. EP, USP and JP.

Pharmaceutical Glass Types

Type 1 Glass / Type I

Also known as "neutral," type 1 is a borosilicate glass with good chemical resistance. It is used for pharmaceuticals requiring the least reactive containers. Typical productstubular glass vials, pre-fillable syringes, cartridges and ampoules for small volume parenterals and diagnostic reagents.

Type 2 Glass / Type II

A treatment applied to the internal surface of the glass reduces ion exchange, making this category suitable for solutions administered intravenously. Typical products - moulded glass infusion bottles

Type 3 Glass / Type III

This is a soda-lime glass and is the type most commonly manufactured. Typical productsmoulded glass syrup bottles and tablet containers

Still unsure which glass type you need? Contact us and we'll help you to define the correct container and closure combination for your specific product and application.

Pharmaceutical glass types