Explanation of glass types and when they are required.

A glass is designated as a particular Type if it complies with the requirements of a particular pharmacopoeia e.g. EP, USP and JP.

Pharmaceutical glass types

Type 1 Glass - Also known as "neutral," type 1 is a borosilicate glass with good chemical resistance. It is used for pharmaceuticals requiring the least reactive containers. Typical products – tubular glass vials, pre-fill syringes, cartridges and ampoules for small volume parenterals and diagnostic reagents.

Type 2 Glass - A treatment applied to the internal surface of the glass reduces ion exchange, making this category suitable for solutions administered intravenously. Typical products - moulded glass infusion bottles

Type 3 Glass - This is a soda-lime glass and is the type most commonly manufactured. Typical products – moulded glass syrup bottles and tablet containers

Pharmaceutical glass types