Diagnostic Kit Packaging: Everything You Need

10 March 2022 | Hannah Hogan

Create your Bespoke Diagnostic Kit

A selection of Vial Boxes for Diagnostic Kits

Consider us your one-stop-shop for packaging your Diagnostic Kits.

From vials and closures to boxes, we've got you covered.

Screw Neck Vials

SCHOTT Screw Neck Vials are made from SCHOTT Fiolax® glass tubing, and offer exceptional hydrolytic resistance and impermeability.

Suitable for use with a wide range of formulations, our diagnostic vials are available in Clear and Amber Type I Glass finishes, in sizes ranging from 3ml to 30ml.

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Diagnostic Screw Neck Vials

Screw Caps

We have a selection of compatible Screw Caps depending on your requirements.

Plug Seal and EPE (expanded polyethylene) lined caps offer a good level of leak resistance, whilst PTFE lined caps provide a protective barrier for more sensitive products.

Our unlined caps are designed to be used in conjunction with Diagnostic Stoppers.

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14mm, 18mm and 22mm Screw Caps for Type I Diagnostic Vials

Diagnostic Stoppers

West Freeze Dry and Plug Stoppers are available in Bromobutyl and Chromobutyl formulations. We have 14mm, 18mm and 22mm stoppers to suit SCHOTT Diagnostic Vials.

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West Cruciform Lyo Diagnostic Stoppers and Plug Diagnostic Stoppers

Vial Boxes

Our vial boxes are made-to-order to your specific requirements. Let us know the following details and we will arrange a quotation for you:

> How many vials would you like each box to hold?

> Do you prefer a hinged or a loose lid?

> Would you like a particular colour?

> Do you require printed branding?

> Will you be storing your boxes at low temperatures?

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Vial box with dividers to hold 15 vials

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