SCHOTT EVERIC® care vial schematic indicating the Si-O-C-H internal coating


SCHOTT EVERIC® care vials provide exceptional drug stability, particularly for high PH formulations

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Product Details

  • Exceptional leaching behaviour
  • Improved drug stability
  • Effective barrier for higher PH levels
  • Hydrophobic internal surface
  • Additional features available
SCHOTT EVERIC® care Injection Vial

EVERIC® care vials for excellent drug stability

With ever more biologics using buffers in the high PH range, it is of paramount importance that the vials used are able to withstand the risk of corrosion this brings. In a standard borosilicate glass vial PH levels of around 7 and above will attack the silicone oxygen bonds of the glass network, releasing elements into the solution, which can have have a negative impact on the drug, including denaturation of proteins, aggregation, or even deactivation of the drug product.

Featuring a covalently bonded Si-O-C-H internal coating, SCHOTT's EVERIC® care vials provide a highly efficient leachables barrier which is especially effective with high PH formulations.

The Si-O-C-H coating has the added benefit of hydrophobic properties, ensuring maximum aspiration of the vial contents.

If your formulation is in the low to medium PH range, we recommend EVERIC® pure or SCHOTT Type I Plus® vials.

SCHOTT EVERIC® is a modular system featuring solutions to common challenges faced by the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
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