Diagram showing SCHOTT EVERIC®​ smooth Vials


EVERIC®​ smooth ensures a smooth container flow through the filling line, resulting in fewer rejects due to cosmetic defects and breakages.

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Product Details

  • Ultra-smooth outer coating
  • Lower friction
  • Reduced cosmetic defects
  • Silicone or silane-based coating
EVERIC® smooth Vial

EVERIC® smooth vials: Reduce Cosmetic Defects to Minimise Drug Rejects

Direct vial-to-vial contact on conventional filling lines can lead to cosmetic defects. These abrasions and scratches increase the number of rejects, and may even be identified as contaminants by inline and post-filling inspection equipment. The strength of the container may also be jeopardised and this can lead to glass breakage.

To ensure a smooth container flow and a reduction of cosmetic defects, SCHOTT offers EVERIC® smooth, a vial with an outer coating that features a 56% reduced coefficient of friction. There is a choice of two coatings: silicone- or silane-based. The silicone-based coating is applied via dip-coating and adhered to the glass surface by heat treatment. The silane-based coating is nano-particle-free and attained by covering the container with a covalent bond molecular layer. Both have hydrophobic surface properties.

The SCHOTT EVERIC® Range is a modular system featuring solutions to common challenges faced by the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Learn about the rest of the EVERIC® range.

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