elm-plastic short-form oral syringes

Short Form Dosing Pipettes

The Short Form Dosing Pipette offers high-precision dosing for relatively large dosing volumes, from 3ml to 25ml, in a small outer package.

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Product Details

  • Manufactured by elm-plastic
  • Shelf life extended to 5 years
  • Available in 3ml, 6ml, 12ml and 25ml sizes
  • Customisable graduations
  • Can be printed with your logo
Two elm-plastic Short Form Doing Syringes

The Short Form dosing pipette is in addition to elm-plastic's large range of Oral Dosing Pipettes and offers an alternative shaped dispenser for your product.

Manufactured with the 'elm-end' which will not accept a luer connection, therefore removing the possible risk of someone applying a needle and injecting an oral dose drug.

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