There are different types of crimp seal to meet different requirements.

Read on to find the perfect seal for your project.

The following table outlines the attributes and benefits of each crimp seal.

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Centre Hole (A,B) Flip Top Seal (I,J)

An aluminium shell with centre target area exposed.

A seal that is similar in function to the Flip Off seal with a recycling advantage: the aluminium ring does not remain with the plastic button after the button has been activated.

Centre Tear Off (C,D) Flip Tear Up Seal (K,L)

A seal with a bridged Tear Out tab protecting the target area that must be removed to expose the injection site.

A seal with a plastic button attached to help facilitate the activation and complete removal of the seal from the container.

Complete Tear Off (E,F) Flip Off Tear Off Seal (FTR) (M,O)

An all-aluminium seal with Tear Out tab that allows the complete removal of the closure prior to or after use.

A seal combining the features of the Flip Off seal with the complete removability of the Tear Off seal.

Flip Off Seal (G,H) Complete Tear Off, 2 parts (N)

A seal with a plastic Flip Off button that must be activated to expose the injection site.

An all aluminium seal with a hemmed tab that once removed reveals an aluminium disk which covers the entire surface of the stopper, offering greater protection from stopper contamination.

Aluminium Crimp Seals