Is 'Nose To Brain' the Future of Neurotherapeutics?

18 May 2022 | Hannah Hogan


The Central Nervous System (CNS), consisting of the brain and spinal cord, is the control centre of the body.

Within this system, the role of the brain is to process all information gathered from our external environment and to instigate body movement, while the spinal cord acts as the communication pathway between the body and the brain.

Medical conditions affecting the CNS are notoriously difficult to treat, owing to a plethora of protective measures in place to prevent damage or infection to the body's most vital infrastructure.

Administering Therapeutics to the Brain

The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) is one of a number of defences the body has to safeguard the brain.

The skull, cerebrospinal fluid and meninges protect the brain from external damage, while the brain is separated from pathogens and toxins that may be present in the blood by the BBB – an extremely tightly meshed endolethial membrane which allows only very small and select molecules to pass through.

Bypassing the BBB

Adelphi partner, pump manufacturer Aero Pump, along with preservative-free CMO Ursatec have been investigating the viability of the Nose To Brain route of drug delivery as a way to bypass the BBB. This research looks at the use of soft mist nasal sprays and their ability, via the nasal cavity, to access the olfactory nerve, offering a direct pathway to the brain.

Read the full article published by ON drugDELIVERY to see how they got on:

Nose To Brain Administration and a Novel Approach with an Old Familiar.

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