West Pharmaceutical Webinar

28 September 2021 | Hannah Hogan

Containment Solutions for Emerging Biologic Companies to Get to Market Faster 

Webinar: 2pm GMT, 12th October 2021

The healthcare industry is changing as biologic drugs increase in importance, with the emergence of newly formed companies entering the market, driving innovation and pipeline growth. Emerging companies are unique, they need access to adequate funding, are heavy reliant on outsourcing to support drug development and have limited resources to support all the activities needed to bring a drug to market.

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Key learning objectives

<< Understand trends driving biologics drug development >>

<< How to address common challenges faced when bringing a biologic to market, particularly when you are faced with limited resources >>

<< How to mitigate risks early to avoid a delay in your drug development journey, maximizing speed to market >>

Following the webinar, Abigail and Dr. Olga Laskina will host a Q&A session. If you work for a start-up or emerging company and are in the process of developing a biologic drug, don’t miss this opportunity to learn about containment solutions to mitigate your risks and help you get your drug to the patient faster.

There will also be a live Q&A at the conclusion of the presentation.

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