Glass Vial Protection Sleeves

10 April 2014 | Hannah Hogan

Health and safety risks need to be looked at from a wider viewpoint as not only are there risks to the patient during the administration of the drug, there are also risks to clinical assistant, filling machine operators, onsite pharmacists and logistics personnel all through the product lifecycle.

The Protective Vial Sleeve assists in decreasing this risk of contamination and spillage of drugs associated with breakages. The unique system works with vials of all dimensions and is shrink fitted to the contours of the vial and overseal, with a rigid plastic base to help cushion any impact from the vial being dropped.

The shrink sleeve, which is made from PVC or PET, encapsulates the vial and its contents in the event of a breakage, therefore minimising any spillage and contamination of the surroundings.

With specialist knowledge in the protection of container vials and injectable pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, we can assist in the problem-free implementation of the technology into your production process, be it small scale or commercial production. A dedicated team is also on hand to support the installation as well as the validation of the equipment.