Sterile Vials & UK Radiopharmacies

26 March 2013 | Hannah Hogan

These sterile vials are CE marked and Adelphi has both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) accreditation.

The vials are manufactured from SCHOTT Fiolax Type I tubular glass and supplied internally sterile, particle free, apyrogenic and with a sterile inert nitrogen atmosphere. Each batch is tested for sterility, endotoxins and particulate contamination before release and supplied with a Certificate of Analysis and Release Certificate.

The vials are supplied with a West bromobutyl rubber stopper and West Flip-Off aluminium crimp seal. Adelphi holds stock of both 2mL and 10mL vials with a range of other vial sizes produced to order. The 10mL vials (VNS10RB) are supplied in boxes of 50 vials and can be supplied in quantities from a single box upwards.

If a radiopharmacist has specific requirements then these can often be met. Adelphi has manufactured specialised batches of sterile vials with SCHOTT Type 1 Plus internal glass coating or customer defined rubber stoppers or aluminium crimp seals.

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